Rugby - Wasps v Northampton Saints

As I've been up to so much recently I have decided to do a mini blog series on some of the things I've been up to lately. I've been doing quite a range of things but it would be a massive information splurge to write full length blogs on it all! I will be doing shorter blogs but more regularly over the next week or so and the first is going to be on the rugby match I went to a few weeks ago at the Ricoh arena. 


Pete is a Northampton Saints fan so I said I would go to a match with him, I'm not massively into rugby but figured it could be a fun day out. I had a look at the fixtures and saw that they were playing Wasps in April which I thought could be interesting as I work with a lot of Wasps fans (it also worked out well because we got tickets from somebody at work who kindly got us guest tickets from her season ticket!). 

We had a really good spot in the sun to watch the game and were near my friends from work too so we could have a bit of friendly banter during the match. Being a local away team the stadium was pretty full and was lovely that it was a mix of fans from both teams in the stands rather than split half and half which gave it such an friendly and exciting atmosphere. 


The game itself was brilliant, I found it a little odd that they did similar to the basketball in terms of doing massive introductions and music for trys for the home team only but it wasn't enough to bother me and I did say it would be worth us going to a home game to experience it from the other side. Saints were doing great for most of the game keeping a small lead which kept it so exciting throughout. Wasps ended up winning within the last few minutes which had us on the edge of our seats watching and even though the team we were supporting didn't win it was great to watch and feel involved in. 


Rugby game tip: prepare for the weather, for us it was warm and sunny and I'd worn lotion and sunglasses but could have done with a cap for the glare. I've been told it can get very cold too so depending on what time of year and what the weather is doing make sure you take what you need as it is a long time to sit squinting or freezing.

We will definitely be going to more matches next season, especially if we get to go to a home game. 

Dawn x

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