London; Day 1 - British Museum

At the end of April we went on a weekend trip to London, day 1 we did a variety of things with a relative that lives there and on day 2 we went to see and support a friend doing the London Marathon. The first thing we did when we got there was to go to the British Museum which me and Pete have not visited before but have wanted to go to for a while. 

We expect it to be majorly busy because the museums generally are anyway but on marathon weekend we expected to have a long wait but whilst it was busy we were impressed that you could not only get in quite quickly but that because of the size it was easy to move around and see the exhibits. 


The atrium, area was the first area we saw and it was spectacular. The design and lighting from the roof has to be seen to be able to fully appreciate it, it reminded me a little of the Venetian in Vegas but in a different style. There were plenty of exhibits to go around and you really could spend all day in there but we selected a few exhibits we were interested in seeing including Ancient Egypt, Greece & Rome, Africa and we couldn't go without seeing the Rosetta Stone. 


All the exhibits we went to see were incredible, it was amazing how well preserved some of the items were and to see others I likely will never see in their native country (such as the Easter Island statue). I found it funny that we had visited the British Museum but it was actually giving me more inspiration to travel.

It is worth while visiting the museum and we will go again to be able to see some of the other exhibits we didn't see on this occasion. The museum is so well designed and presented and is so fascinating.

British Museum tip: depending on what you are going for, give yourself plenty of time to look around, there is so much to see so even if you only do a few exhibits you will want time to look and absorb everything.

Dawn x

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