Weekend visit to Plymouth


Last weekend was the furthest afield I have been since starting my blog with a trip to Plymouth and I was really excited as not only do I love the coast but I got to meet up with friends from uni who I always have a brilliant time with but don't get to see that often because we have spread around the country! We decided to leave on the Friday night as it is quite a way to go, we did end up with having to sort a punctured tyre before we left which meant we didn't get there until late but we preferred to do that rather than spend most the weekend travelling.

The first thing we did in the morning was head to Wembury beach, we all love the beach and one of the dogs had not been before so despite the forecast of showers we went along anyway. The tide was in which meant we didn't have much of a beach but the waves from the weather were great to watch and the smell of the salty sea air was amazing. We opted to walk the coastal path as there wasn't much beach to walk around on, the dogs particularly loved the mud and puddles! 


A theme that seemed to develop over the weekend was to have brilliant sunshine when we were in or close to shelter and to chuck it down when we were out in it and this started when we were out on the coastal path but despite the wet it was still lovely to get out and the scenery was stunning. Almost as soon as we got to the car after the walk the sunshine came out which was typical but gave us a beautiful view of the bay.

In the afternoon we went to see our friend who lives in Plymouth play hockey. I know very little about hockey but as it has been something he has loved for a long time I was keen to watch and support him and his team. We managed to miss most of the first half of the match trying to find facilities to get drinks etc. but we actually came out at a good time because we had missed all the goals from the other team and got to see our friend's team score! It was a good little venue for the local team with the close by cafeteria and a tidy, well maintained pitch. As you would expect with a small team there was not a huge amount of spectators but there was still plenty of cheering and shouting going on from those that were there. With the sun and showers we were getting that day we were also treated to some amazing rainbows.

(O.P.M v University of Exeter - men's 1st team)

We had a chance to go back to the house and relax for a while before going out to the seafood restaurant Rockfish that night. We all decided we couldn't go to the coast without having some amazingly fresh seafood. We all thoroughly enjoyed the restaurant, it was well decorated, well in theme with glass windows looking out onto the harbour and the smell was mouthwatering.


I shared a starter of calamari and scallops, the scallops in particular tasted amazing and were so well presented. For mains I went for a traditional cod and chips (the chips were refillable - not that you needed it!) and the cod was amazingly fresh and well cooked so it was soft and juicy. There was a good choice of drinks on the menu but they had run out of some of the options as they were about to shut for a refurb but there was plenty of other drinks to choose from (we asked what they were doing with the refurb as we loved the restaurant as it was but what they are doing will improve it as they are adding a bar area, making it easier to see outside sat down and expanding the kitchen). There were options of other places to go and have a few drinks after the meal but we were all quite tired and full so decided not to move on, especially as we were enjoying the restaurant and we were not being moved on for the table. The serving staff were faultless all evening, they had a lot of knowledge on the restaurant and the food they were serving and were very helpful and friendly. 

The following day we decided to go to Heybrook bay, a beach we had been to on a previous visit that we knew had a lovely pub we could get lunch at after before our trip home. Unfortunately, the tide was in again so we didn't get to see any beach but the scenery was still stunning.


The rocks in the distance were where we had sat the last time we visited so it was strange to see how much of a difference the tide makes. We went for a walk down the coastal path again, enjoying catching up with each other, playing with the dogs and the amazing scenery and sea air. The only part of the day that was not overly enjoyable was when it hailed on the walk back! I decided then that waterproof trousers were worth investing in. Fortunately I had a change of clothes for the pub.

The Eddystone Inn had undergone a refurb since the last time we went and I loved what they had done with it. They were only subtle changes but made it feel more cosy and in keeping with being by he beach. The pub was split into a restaurant and bar, as we had the dogs we stuck to the bar area but there was still plenty of space for us to sit and have a roast dinner. I had a roast lamb which I haven't had in a long time and really enjoyed. Again the serving staff were very helpful and friendly and couldn't fault the food or the place. 


Plymouth visit tip: it is well worth going to the beach if you visit Plymouth but be prepared for the weather and take waterproofs (or suncream depending on the time of year) with you. Our first walk I decided I would be okay in my day-to-day coat rather than my waterproof coat which was a bad idea because I couldn't use it for the rest of the weekend! An idea I will be stealing from one of my friends on the trip is to keep a box of useful things in the car - in this instance, the waterproof trousers she keeps in the box came in very handy.

I had a fantastic weekend, my favourite part was getting to see everybody but for me it makes it extra special to be able to visit the coast and I would recommend the beaches (even with the rain and hail) and the places we ate out. 

Dawn x

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