All Star Lanes

On Sunday we travelled to London for the day to celebrate a family birthday at All Star Lanes, Bayswater for a game of bowling and a meal. The venue describes itself as "boutique bowling" as they have improved the usual bowling experience with the decor, food and drink providing craft beer and cocktails.

We started with the bowling and had several lanes together as we were a large group. As I've put in a post before, I'm not massively into bowling but I enjoy the group aspect of it and as we had a lot of people of varying skills and competitiveness everybody enjoyed the game, some aiming to win and others like me letting the children in the group help with our turn (it was great to see how excited they were at being able to help the grown ups!). The lanes had a great atmosphere and were well styled but what let it down was that we were asked to moved on before we had even finished the game. They had allocated a time slot to us and it hadn't been enough time for us to finish (and we hadn't been messing around and going particularly slowly) so it was disappointing to have it cut short because another group was waiting and for those competing not being able to see final scores.

After the bowling we were seated for food, the restaurant area was decorated in a quirky American style, it was a bit dark which was good for the bowling but not so much for the eating area but I otherwise really liked the decor and they were able to seat us well for a large group. They had two menus, one with a brunch option that allowed you to go for a bottomless cocktail or craft beer deal which on the face of it seemed like a really good deal but once you looked into it the menu was very limited (and the whole party had to order from one menu or the other) and the bottomless drinks only lasted 2 hours, not much time to make use of the deal and we were going to be there longer considering the party size so we opted to go with the main menu. They had some lovely options, all American themed, I went for a pulled pork burger & sweet potato fries. The fries had to be ordered as a side not as a replacement or addition to anything I got with my burger, ordering the burger only gets you a burger, no salad or normal fries etc.

I really enjoyed my burger, at first I wasn't too impressed that they had put the coleslaw in the burger (as I don't normally eat it but it doesn't cause me issues as you usually get it on the side) but it went really well with the pulled pork which was well cooked, soft and well seasoned. I wasn't drinking but my brother-in-law Dan was taking advantage of the craft beer and he said the beer was good but they didn't have much variety as they had sold out of most thing so it was just as well we didn't go for the bottomless package. The service we received had been pretty poor, they had only seemed to allocate one person to our large group which meant everything was very slow, they had to be asked several times to bring out the birthday cake and by the end we were going and collecting our own plates and cutlery because it was taking so long. We also had to squash up towards the end again because of another party which half of the table had been allocated to so we got the impression that they tend to overbook. We also had a shock at the end with the bill as they had put things on the bill that belonged to another party and it took some time to get it sorted.

All Star Lanes tip: If you are going with children, take stuff the keep them entertained. It was a child friendly place and they enjoyed the bowling but once we had sat down for food there wasn't much for them to do and nowhere for them to have a run around.

Overall, we had fun but I wouldn't recommend it as a place to go because the service really let it down which was a shame because with the set up they had it could have been great. 

Dawn x

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