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Last weekend I had a lovely afternoon being pampered at Laura Mannion's nails. Having been so busy recently I haven't had chance to look after my hands and it is been when they really need it as they had gone so dry with the weather change and with the manual work I've been doing recently that I'm not used to. I normally go for acrylics when I get my nails done professionally but I had seen somebody at work who had a gel polish manicure and thought it looked really good so wanted to give it a try.

I've know Laura for quite a long time now and I (and I know I am not the only one) trust her completely for my nails. In the past I have tried other nail salons if I wanted something last minute and Laura has been unavailable but they have never been as good. It isn't just the fact that her work is to a high standard, it is the amazing service you get when you are there too. She is so friendly and bubbly that I was instantly comfortable with her and always enjoy my time with her. She genuinely loves what she does and that is reflected in her work. 

The range of colours (and Magpie glitters) is pretty impressive, took me a while to decide what I wanted. I knew I was in the mood for spring colours but it was fun to look through and put a look together. Laura is brilliant for letting you decide what you want but she is there if you want a helping hand and is happy to give ideas and suggestions. The colours are displayed well as it is easy to see what is available and to mix and match should you wish. I opted for a spring green and glitter on the ring finger. Laura suggested without insisting on having a stamped pattern on the middle finger which I loved the idea of so went for it.


I really enjoyed the manicure itself, it was lovely to get my hands tidied up and moisturised and they felt so much better for it. Laura takes such good care of you and I've always known her, whether it me gel or acrylics, to look after your natural nail. I've know people to have nails done before and have it hurt after but I've never had that with Laura. After the manicure my hands felt so much softer, cleaner and looked 100% better than when when I went in.

A week on and I'm getting on really well with the gel polish. You can tell Laura does such a quality job because even without me following the aftercare instructions (which I wouldn't recommend, slap on the wrist for me!) they are still looking great and staying strong. There are no chips or places where it is coming away and the shine on the glitter is still fantastic to watch. It has survived the manual work I was doing the day after the manicure, a full working week and housework, including the dreaded washing up! Writing this now, I've just gotten out of the bath so they have been soaking in the water but they are still going strong.

(One week on)

Manicure tip: Before you go in have a think about what sort of thing you would like, there are so many brilliant colour choices that you could be there for ages just deciding what you want so I like to have something general in mind. Sometimes I get in there and completely change my mind but at least if I have a rough idea it makes it a bit easier when going through all the options.


Overall, I would highly recommend Laura Mannion's nails and the gel manicure. I would get acrylics again too but it's good to know I have the different options on what I can get. 

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Dawn x

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