Cheese & Chutney and the Bear Inn

This Saturday Fargo village was hosting a cheese and chutney event and as we are big fans of cheese & chutney we decided it would be interesting to go along to. It was a free event that was running across two days and we decided it would be best for us to go to the festival and then for a meal after so we ended up going to the festival late afternoon. 

When me and Pete first arrived we had a walk around the shops and market area whilst waiting for the others to join us as we hadn't properly seen the place in the day with everything open. There wasn't a massive number of shops and stalls but we enjoyed walking round what was there, especially the comic shop that felt like a mini comic con (SGT Bilko's vintage emporium) and a shop that had vintage furniture, jewellery and home decoration (Izzy Loops). I also enjoyed having a look at the vintage motorbikes at Fargo Sccoters. I'd have loved to go in Twisted Barrell as I haven't had chance so go back since Halloween but as I was designated driver it was not wise!


The festival was held in 'the box' which was essentially a converted warehouse with stalls and seating. I thought it was well presented and I loved the hay seating (which I don't know if it was for the event or is normally there). The stalls all had their products well laid out and samples available to try and we started at a couple of the jams and chutney stalls. The first stall we went to was a company based at Fargo Villiage, who had some of the chutneys and mustards we had as our wedding favours so that was interesting for us. It was fun trying the different products, some were not to my taste but I enjoyed most of them and I was surprised that my favourite was a strawberry jam as you could really taste the strawberry in it and it didn't have too much sugar.


The cheeses were a similar format to the chutneys with the samples available, there was a lot sold out though which was a little disappointing as we had got there a couple of hours before closing but we still got to try a good range, again not all to my taste but some unusual but lovely cheeses (such as caramelised red onion and sticky toffee). Unexpectedly there was also a stall that did some amazing looking pies (we got some for dinner but haven't tried them yet) and a cake stall. A bar was available but I wasn't able to try the port or wine but I did sample a bit of the Prosecco and some Twisted Barrel pale ale (as they were in small quantities so wouldn't have put me over the limit) and both were amazing. 


There wasn't a huge quantity of stalls but the quality was high and there was enough to keep us occupied and entertained.

Cheese & chutney festival tip: my advice would be to give pretty much anything a go, if you don't like it then you can have something else to take to taste away but you might be surprised by some of the things you do like.

After the festival we decided on going to the Bear Inn in Berkswell for dinner. I hadn't been there in quite a while and the others hadn't been before and as we could go using clubcard reward vouchers it was a good choice for us.


The pub is very picturesque in a countryside setting and the inside is decorated to incorporate this. The menu was actually about to change so I won't go into detail on what we had as it is going to be changing soon. Everything we did have though was cooked well and we were very comfortable there, we didn't feel rushed and the waiter was very friendly and looked after us well. I'm confident that even with the menu change we would eat there again.

Dawn x

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