Astley Book Farm


I went with a friend recently to Astley Book farm in Bedworth which is a converted farm building that is a second hand book shop and cafe. I had been recommended the place by a couple of people so have wanted to go for ages. I wasn't after buying any books particularly but I wanted to see the place and maybe sell some of my own books.

My first impression of the place was that it was very picturesque, I like farm buildings anyway and this had been decorated very in keeping with he countryside and I loved that they had the spring flowers coming out in front of the building. Once inside the shop I immediately loved the place, it was so cosy, I loved the book displays, the house and garden bits that were for sale and the atmosphere of the place. The cafe smelt amazing and I also loved the feint smell of the books.


I ended up selling some books, not for many or for much but was enough to cover a pot of tea in the cafe. We decided as it was lunch to eat there too. They had a spring menu out and we actually found it difficult to decided what we wanted because it was a good selection for a lunch menu. We agreed the prices were good for what you got as well. I had the vegetable soup and crust bread which were presented beautifully and tasted amazing. It was so thick too so filled me up nicely. My friend had the treacle bacon sandwich which looked amazing (and she said was so good) and they were happy to deal with dietary requirements.




Some of the books in the store were really cool to look at, they were really old bound books and they added to the decoration of the place even though they were up for sale. We had a little explore after we had eaten but we had a push chair so wouldn't go too far in as there were quite a lot of people so it was difficult to navigate the book shelves. I later found out that had we gone to the end we would have gotten to an area with a burner and cosy seats but I wasn't too concerned I'd missed them because I'd enjoyed sitting in the cafe anyway and it is something extra to see next time I go.

Book farm tip: if you are planning on selling books call ahead to make sure the buyer is on site and interested in the type of books you have. I'd recommend going to look if you haven't been before anyway but will save you lugging round your books if the person is not there or not after the genre of book.


I enjoyed going with a friend and having a chat in the cafe and exploring together but it would also be the sort of place I would be happy to go on my own. I could easily get engrossed in looking through the many books that are stocked and it was such a comfortable place it was easy to relax there.

Dawn x

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