Hickory Smokehouse

It's not often I eat out twice in a week as it gets too expensive but it has worked out that way this week. This time I went to Hickory Smokehouse in Coventry for a girls night out and I thought it would be worth doing a review as a comparison to when I went out earlier in the week.

I went to the Peeping Tom pub a few times before it turned into the Smokehouse so it was really interesting to see what they had done to the place. It was completely transformed, it didn't even feel like the same building and it is for the better. It was quite a run down building but you wouldn't think it to see it now, the decoration is good quality and fits in well with the American Smokehouse theme. There is a very lively feel to the place too. Whilst it is good to be lively it does however get too busy which can make it very difficult to book into. There have been several occasions where I was going to go to the Smokehouse but haven't been able to get in, even when there was only two of us. On this occasion we had booked about a month in advance which can be quite frustrating and then when we did arrive our table had actually be given to somebody else so we had to go to the bar whilst they sorted something out for us (without giving anything complimentary to apologise for the mistake).


There is a good selection of food available and things that are very different to a lot of restaurants. I opted for cajun onion rings and a Louisiana gumbo. I've never had gumbo before so was interested to try it and I'm glad I did because it was excellent.

Unfortunately the service was not so good, the waiter was lovely and friendly but perhaps too busy because it felt like we were forgotten about quite a lot. My starter didn't arrive so we had to ask for it, we were told I would be brought fresh onion rings out but they were cold when they arrived but I didn't want to go to the effort of changing because it had taken them so long to come out in the first place and everybody else had finished their starters. I did try a bit of the other starters and they were lovely. 

It was then quite a wait until the mains arrived, I was after a drink but was a long time before I saw anybody. When I did manage to ask somebody they said they would get one and then it didn't arrive so I had to ask again and it didn't turn up until half way through our mains. Despite the poor service we did enjoy the evening because of the food and company.


Hickory Smokehouse tip: be prepared that the portion sizes here are large so unless you have a healthy appetite or don't mind taking some home it might be worth considering either ordering less or sharing.

Overall, it is a place I would go to again for the food but it is not on my list of favourites like Ego now is. 

Dawn x

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