Ego, Kenilworth

This week was a friends birthday so we went for a meal out to Ego in Kenilworth to celebrate. I've eaten at Ego once before so knew it was a bit more special than a lot of the chains we go to and provided a wide choice of food to cater for all.

As soon as you walk into the restaurant you feel like you are going to enjoy the evening as it is decorated beautifully and the atmosphere of the place is so welcoming, plus the smell of the food is amazing! We had pre-booked and once we arrived we were sat straight away by some very helpful and friendly waitresses. Even though they were very busy we were not rushed at all, drinks were brought right away and the food order was taken efficiently once we were ready. 

The restaurant do different themes on different days and we hadn't realised it when we booked but it turned out to be steak night so the steaks were more than half the normal price. I'd actually quite fancied either fish or steak so it worked out well because I had calamari to start and steak for my main.

The food everybody got was delicious. My starter was beautiful, the calamari was lightly battered with an aioli & lemon dip that complimented it so well my main was so good too, the steak was such a good quality meat and was actually cooked as I asked for it, which does not very often happen. I will put a picture below but please excuse that it is half eaten, I was too keen to get eating to remember a picture at first!


I was too full for desert but everybody else went for it and they looked like they all went down well and everybody was saying how much they enjoyed the whole night. Some people hadn't been before so were so happy they know it is there now and we will all be returning.

As with the last time I ate there, I couldn't fault them at all, everything was spot on (which, even when I enjoy a place is rare that everything is perfect). It's one I would highly recommend.

Eating at Ego's tip: check out online at the offers and specialist nights that they do so if one takes your fancy you know which day is best to go. I loved steak night but I am also very keen to try tapas night.


Dawn x

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