Afternoon Tea


A couple of weeks ago I went for an afternoon tea for a friends baby shower (apologies for the delay in writing this, I wanted to hold it back a little because last weekend I wasn't doing anything that I could blog about and then this week turned out more crazy than I expected with illnesses, birthdays and the baby we went to the baby shower for turned up 3 weeks before her due date!). The mother-to-be (at the time) hadn't wanted a traditional baby shower but one of the girls suggested an afternoon tea as a mini baby shower and we all agreed that it would be a lovely idea as we all very much enjoy an afternoon tea and it was good to do something as a celebration. 

The tea wasn't arranged by myself but I do know the organiser took to Groupon to see what offers were available to keep it budget friendly. The offer we went for was Patisserie Valerie Afternoon tea which turned out at £38 for 4 people. None of us had been to Patisserie Valerie but it looked amazing and as it was at Resorts World, which I really enjoyed last time I went, we decided that was the right choice for us. The only issue the organiser had was that we were unable to book a table because we had the vouchers so we were a little concerned that we were going to get there and have a long wait but we timed it quite well and got seated straight away in the end (they did seat us at a small table to start but moved us once they realised we were having afternoon cake and needed more room).

Instead of getting the train we opted to drive because my heavily pregnant friend couldn't walk very far and it is a bit of a way through the NEC from the train station. It wasn't quite so easy to get to by car though, we used Sat Nav because the roads round the NEC are confusing anyway and then it wasn't helped that the resorts world postcode took you past the venue and then the electronic direction boards had not been updated that the main car park was full and we had to use an open air car park a little walk from Resorts World (the parking attendants did allow me to drop passengers off and then park because of my friends walking limitations - which accidentally came out to the attendant as "my friend has issues" which we all round hilarious).

Patisserie Valerie was easy to find and was impressive with its large glass windows and cake displays, the ambience of the place was quite lively without being crowded. Despite us not being able to book we were served quickly by very friendly serving staff and apart from them popping back occasionally to ask if there was anything we wanted we were left to chat and celebrate amongst ourselves. 


The food was delicious, all freshly prepared and there was plenty of it! We had unlimited refills on hot drinks and they were able to provide decaf (which is becoming more widely available but I sometimes struggle to get it). We had some hiccups with what we ordered (sandwiches were buttered when we asked them not to be as an example) but they were happy and quick to correct them. 

Afternoon Tea tip: give yourself time to eat - there is a lot of food and you need time to relax and digest. Whilst we were all very full we didn't feel bloated from eating too fast because we had allowed ourselves all afternoon to get through it so we could chat and eat at our own pace. One of the things we like about the place as well is that we didn't feel rushed to move on because they needed the table.


Overall, we all said we would go again, we really enjoyed ourselves and the venue was lovely. As you can see from the picture above there wasn't much food left untouched (and they put the remaining cake in a box for us to take away).

I also want to say a huge congratulations to Jai and Makka on the arrival of Thea. She is a beautiful little girl and you must be so proud, I thoroughly enjoyed my cuddles with her yesterday and I look forward to seeing you all grow as a family.

Dawn x

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