World Bar and IMAX

On Saturday a group of us went for a day out at Resorts World in Birmingham. We were mainly going to see the new Star Wars but decided to make a day of it. 

I've not been to Resorts World before but was very impressed and will happily go back to explore more. I liked how easily accessible it was, the variety that was provided and how modern it was.

We decided to stick with The World Bar and IMAX as it gave us a chance to try some different beers and to socialise before the film. The World Bar was very well presented, with things like beer displays, decanters as light shades and had a good mix of different tables so you could chill in the sofa chairs or sit at one of the more formal tables. We thoroughly enjoyed the range of beers (personally the Icelandic Arctic Pale Ale was my favourite but I also enjoyed a Barbados beer which reminded me of honeymoon) and the food was lovely too, traditional food but made with interesting differences. Price wise, it was not the cheapest place I've been too but was also far from the most expensive and they seemed fair for what you were getting. The staff were pleasant and helpful which I find makes a big difference and I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the place. There was a large map on one of the walls showing where the Resorts Worlds are located and it was interesting to see that the Birmingham bar is the only one in the UK which I liked as it made the experience feel more unique. 

This was also my first time ever going to the IMAX. I really enjoy going to the cinema but I normally stick with 2D. However, if you get the right film it is well worth experiencing the IMAX. We went to see Rogue One, which I won't go into in case you haven't seen it but a lot of the scenes were pretty epic at the IMAX. If you have been sitting on the fence about seeing it I would highly recommend it, as well as the fantastic scenes the story line was brilliant and some of the effects were so clever. The only downsides I felt the cinema had were that the tickets and snacks are purchased at the same counter which was frustrating waiting for other people to get tickets when you just wanted drinks or food. I also tend to tilt my head to the side when in the cinema throughout the film to take the strain off my neck but for the IMAX you have to keep your head upright the entire time or the picture was distorted (my husband however says I'm strange in tilting my head at the cinema so this could just be me!).

After the film we went to the Sports Bar which we didn't stay in for too long as it wasn't really for us but was nicely presentable and attached to a casino so even though we didn't particularly want to stay there I appreciated the choice that it gives people.

Resorts World tip: do some research online to see what is at Resorts World. The is a selection of things to do so it will allow you to plan your day. It will also give you the opportunity to see if it is right for you as if there isn't anything for you, there is nothing else around except a train station, concert hall and airport.

Dawn x


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