Photo shoot

Last weekend was not really something I can write about as a recommendation of something to do as it isn't really something that is available to everybody but I wanted to post about it because it was still a very fun and interesting weekend.

It started with an email from a volunteer from Alopecia UK asking (if people were comfortable with it) to send pictures to the headwear designer at Hipheadwear who she knows, who does a lot of work with the charity as well as various cancer charities. 

It isn't something I straight away thought I wanted to do as modelling isn't something I've ever been tempted to do, I wasn't sure if I would be suitable and whilst I am quite a confident person, I wasn't sure I had the confidence for this. In the end I decided that I had told myself I wanted to try new things this year and to go for it to have a bit of fun for the afternoon. As I already have some of the headwear I was happy to represent the company on their website as the products are comfortable, pretty and help me on a daily basis.

I started off meeting the designer and she drove us to the location to meet the photographer. I was immediately at ease with them and they were able to tell me about their stories and were interested in mine. We had a chat over drinks so we knew what was involved and helped me settle in more. We tried a variety of the new 2017 collection in different places with different outfits, I loved seeing the new designs. They were all so beautiful, not a single one that I wouldn't wear on a day-to-day basis. Not being a natural model I was grateful that the designer and photographer were so lovely as it allowed them to get some natural photos of me smiling and laughing. The afternoon turned into just what I had hoped, a fun afternoon out and I'm grateful to Alopecia UK and Hipheadwear for giving me an opportunity to do something enjoyable from something that is not in the slightest bit fun to go through.

It was interesting seeing how the process worked from a completely different perspective as when I go out it's normally me taking the photos rather than being the one in front of the lens (unless it's a selfie!). There is a lot involved even for a casual shoot like this one, planning where to go, what pictures are needed, what set up to do, enduring there is enough lighting and controlling the shadows for the camera and the time it takes to get the pictures and swap outfits. It made me happy that the designer and photographer were reviewing the photos throughout and were very excited with the results as it was good to know I was doing things correctly and that they had what they wanted.

After the photo shoot we ended up having a good chat over some dinner getting to know each other a bit more. We all enjoyed the day and have even planned another session to get together and get more photos for the website. I was very kindly given some items from the collection which I've already been wearing and have had a lot of compliments on.

In the end I was very happy with my decision to go for the photo shoot as not only was it a fun afternoon, I got to meet some lovely people and the comments I got from friends an family about the photos have given me a real boost. If it is something that if you get the opportunity to do, whether it be related to a charity or not, I would say have a good think about whether it is right for you and if it is just go for it!

Photo shoot tip: If you are going to do your own make up as I did, it is good to go for a neutral look and to take different lipstick shades with you as this can make a big difference to how you look but is easy to change on location if need be.

I'll leave you here with some photos from the day and below are links to both the Hipheadwear and Alopecia UK websites as both have been a massive support for me.

Dawn x



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