Bowling and Toro Steak House

This weekend I met up with some friends I went to university with, as we live all over the UK it's not always easy for us to meet up but we make sure we do at least a couple of times a year. We vary where we go to meet up, sometimes it is at somebody's house and other times we will go on trips away. For this visit we all met up in Corby/Kettering where there was quite a range of activities to do. We decided on bowling and a meal out as it was suitable for everybody and was fairly cheap and cheerful for after Christmas.

The bowling alley we went to was New York Thunderbowl. It wasn't the most upscale bowling alley you can go to but it was well priced and we didn't have any complaints about them, the staff in particular were lovely. Being somebody who is both not competitive and useless at bowling I don't really go for the activity but more for the social aspect it brings. It's a good activity for those that are a bit more competitive but it also works out well for people like me as there is plenty of time to chat between turns whilst doing something a bit different. On this occasion we also were looking after our niece so it was good fun letting her have a go on some of my turns (which likely improved my score a bit!). There was also an arcade there so we had the option to play other games as well and there was a bar for refreshments. Overall, I really enjoyed spending time there. We played 2 games which we found were enough, it was a good length of time, allowed those that were competitive a couple of chances at winning but wasn't so long that it became repetitive.

Bowling tip: always remember to take socks with you as you have to wear the shoes provided. A second tip if you are anything like me is to check the clearing barrier is finished before throwing the ball! I rather embarrassingly had to get a member if staff to fetch a stuck ball...


After the bowling we went to Toro Steak House for some lunch. The restaurant was well worth going to, it was quite different to many of the restaurants I've been to. They had decorated the place brilliantly, the tables in particular were quite unique. The menu also had a good variety of steak types, I had an interesting sounding Tequlia Steak, which was lovely. Again the staff were very pleasant and helpful. Our only criticism was that there were not very child friendly (only 1 high chair in the whole restaurant when we had 2 children with us, limited children's menu and no baby changing) and they tried to charge for condiments which we all found unusual for a restaurant. Overall however, we enjoyed the restaurant and would go back.


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