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One of the bonuses of living in the midlands is that there are a lot of places that if you don't mind the longer drive are accessible as a day trip. One of those places is the Warner Bros. Harry Potter studio tour which we recently went to.
I have been to the tour a couple of times before but never close to Christmas when they have all the decorations out and they had added the Hogwarts Express since the last time I went. The friends I went with had never been before so part of the fun for me was sharing the magic with them.

The tour is split into several sections; the sets & props, an outside set area, and the art department. Personally the sets and props are the section I spend longest in as there is such a lot to see and for this trip was an area they had built on so there was new things for me. My favourite part of the tour is in the art department though. There is a spectacular model of Hogwarts, which when I first went was kept a secret so I was stunned at how amazing it was. As they use it in all their advertising now it is not a surprise for people that haven't been before but is still very impressive and I still enjoyed taking my time walking round it despite having seen it twice before.

The main reason why we chose December to do the tour was that they decorate with Christmas decorations and fake snow. The decorations were amazing but a big disappointment for us on the day was that the outside snow machine had stopped working because it was too cold. The staff were apologetic when we asked but it had been one of the main reasons we had gone the time of year we did and I had been saying in the car on the way down how much I was looking forward to seeing the outside section all in snow. They did have a small area in Diagon Alley which was interesting as we were told about how they use the fake snow in the films and then later got to have a feel of the different types of fake snow.

It is fascinating seeing how much goes into making a film, there is so much detail and so many aspects that you just don't think about when you watch a film. It's impossible to even describe what goes into film making which is one of the bonuses of going to the tour, you can see it which gives you some grasp at the scale of film production. 

I have to admit that I am a massive Harry Potter fan, I grew up with the Harry Potter books and films and have never lost my love for them so I am probably a little bias as to how amazing the studios are, however, two of the people in the group are not such massive fans (one having only seen a couple of the films) and still really enjoyed and immersed themselves in the day. Whilst it was not why they were there, they turned out to be excellent test subjects for me!

Harry Potter Tour tip: Whilst the gift shop is amazing, if you plan on buying anything make sure you save up beforehand as the souvenirs do tend to be overpriced for what they are so depending on what you want it can be very expensive. If you want a chocolate frog expect to pay £8.95, t-shirts and scarves are in the £20-30 bracket, wands are £30 and jumpers at around £75. 

It is also useful to know that there are plenty of people dressed up or even just wearing their house scarf so if you do fancy dressing up for the tour you won't be out of place. You also have the option to eat in one of the cafe's (there is one before you go in and one just before the outdoor area) or you are allowed to take your own food if you would rather a packed lunch.

We all thoroughly enjoyed our day out at the studios and would recommend a visit. They do different themes throughout the year and sometimes open new sets so if you do want to go it is probably worth keeping an eye on the website or even signing up for the newsletters so you can find out when would be the most suitable time of year to go for you.

Are there any Harry Potter themed attractions you know of in the UK? I would love to hear about other places worth visiting so if you know of anywhere worth while, contact me via any of my social medias. I would love to visit Harry Potter World but as it is all the way in Florida it is unfortunately something I will not be able to visit any time soon!

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