Christmas Jumper Day

What has now become an annual tradition for me is Christmas Jumper day. It's a fun, low cost way of getting together with friends and getting in the festive spirit.

We like to make sure we pick a date that we will have the decorations up to set the scene (which isn't normally a problem because as soon as it is December we like to decorate!), we'll each pick a Christmas themed film and of course wear our Christmas jumpers and any other Christmassy accessories.

Something that works for us is to each bring something to eat or drink for the day. In this case, one of the girls made a soup, another brought drinks, another made cookies and I brought bread and snacks. This meant everybody contributed and we had plenty to eat and drink for the day.

All that is then left to do is to enjoy the day watching the films, eating and just chilling out and having a chat.

Christmas Jumper day tip: For me Christmas Jumper day would not be complete without my friends Jai's hot chocolate, it isn't just any old hot chocolate, it's a kinder hot chocolate and is one of the tastiest I've tried. To give it ago yourself here is how to make it:

1 cup milk (semi-skimmed works best) warmed on a stove or in the microwave, if microwaving for the first time pop it in for a minute at a time to make sure it doesn't overheat and spill (800 watt is approx 2 minutes). Once warmed take 4 kinder maxi bars and break them into pieces. Using a table spoon stir them in to the warm milk until they have completely dissolved. Make sure you don't fill the cup with milk right to the top before adding the kinder though as putting in the 4 bars will make the milk level rise in the cup.

I love the Christmas period but it can get very hectic so setting a day aside like this is brilliant to slow down, relax and enjoy the season.

Dawn x

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