Peter Rabbit Light Show

We went further afield than normal for this weekends activity, to Longleat Safari Park. They had a Peter Rabbit light display and as it is my niece's favourite programme we decided to do a girls day trip for her to see it.

As the show started once it was dark we got there a couple of hours before it started so that we could also go round the safari park which was well worth doing as it was a long trip for us.

We saw plenty of animals on our way round, although some of them were preparing for bed! The monkeys were amazing, jumping all over the cars so we could see them up close (but be warned, they do like to pull and bite car parts!) and there was a lot of excited screaming from my niece at the zebras.

Once we had finished on the safari and had some food at an on site restaurant we made our way to the lights show. It actually took a while to find the Peter Rabbit display as it wasn't clearly labelled and there was a second display for Longleat's 50th year which were also stunning but not what we were there for. We also found a Christmas light display on the way to the Peter Rabbit display which was impressive.

The Peter Rabbit display was spectacular, there were plenty of different areas which were so well put together and so pretty. Even though it was raining and very cold we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves walking round looking at the different characters. My niece did struggle a bit towards the end with it being a long day and the weather taking a turn for the worse when we were walking outside but in general it was worth taking her and the rest of us could also really appreciate and enjoy the displays too.

Light display tip - Take plenty of layers and an umbrella! Once it gets dark the temperature can drop dramatically (as it did for us) and when it does it is best to have multiple layers and stay dry.

Overall we thoroughly enjoyed the day, Longleat put on a beautiful display. We will be looking out for similar displays that are closer to home as it is a long journey to do in one day and we thought it would suit places such as Warwick Castle or Coombe Abbey.


Dawn x

07/12/16 Update: Birmingham Botanical Gardens are holding a similar lantern festival this year. I've not seen it so can't tell you what it is like but will look out for if they do it again next year as it will be good to have one closer to home. Dawn

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