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This weekend I went to see Lacuna Coil play at the O2 Institute. I hadn't been to a concert in a long time despite really enjoying them and it was my first time seeing the band. 

I went with my Dad and sister which I loved as it's something different to do with my family. I have been to concerts with friends as well as family before but it isn't something I've ever felt I've wanted to do on my own but I have seen others by themselves without judgement so it's not essential to go with anybody.

There are so many different venue types for gigs, from small rooms up to massive stadiums all with their own different views, acoustics and atmospheres. The 02 Institute turned out to be a really good venue (apart from being so cold - I've never felt cold at a concert before!) but it was a good size so you had a good amount of people for atmosphere but you could see the whole show and you felt really involved. I also appreciated that even though it was a sold out gig you still had space to breath. It was difficult to move round the crowd but nothing as bad as I've experienced in the past where I've been lifted off my feet because there is no space.

Lacuna Coil themselves were spectacular, they had gone all out for the performance dressing up and designing the stage to tie in with the new album and the vocals, guitarists and drummer were all spot on. They were also fantastic at getting the crowd going. I would highly recommend seeing them if you are a rock fan.

Concert tip: It is worth taking as little as possible with you to a concert, especially if you are in standing. Its normally very tightly packed in so just gets in the way plus if you don't have valuables they can't be pickpocketed.

The cost of going to concerts varys a lot, you can go to local tribute bands for as litte as a fiver and are normally fun, then the bigger bands tend to be closer to £20-30 and then there are the big names that become a lot more expensive.

Going to a concert is something I think most people would enjoy and with such a large range of musicians and venues available it is easy to arrange with genres to meet many different tastes.

Dawn x

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