Craft Afternoon

This Saturday was very different to the last one as I didn't even leave the house! As I didn't have plans to go anywhere I decided to cosy up, stick a DVD on and crochet. I am far from being good at crochet but simple things such as blankets, hats and slippers are fairly easy to do and can be picked up from reading and watching tutorial videos. This weekend I was making some baby blankets as I haven't made anything in a while and it was a good project to ease myself back in.

There is a wide range of crafts available if crochet isn't your thing, drawing, painting, knitting, sewing, paper craft, and baking to name a few and crafting seems to be getting more and more popular so there are plenty of supplies and guidance available. 

For me, crochet is something I feel was well worth learning to do. Not only because I can make some useful items but because I really enjoy the process, I find it relaxing, enjoyable whilst also feeling productive. I have read that crafting is brilliant for mental health which personally I would agree with, I feel much calmer after a craft session as it gives you something to focus on instead of having the pressures of everyday life on your mind. I also love the sense of achievement from making things as I am not the most naturally creative person!

Crafting tip: If you want to learn a new craft, have a look at the different options and see if there is a way for you to trial it to see if it is for you before purchasing all the supplies and equipment.

Crafting also doesn't have to be an activity you do alone. I sometimes enjoy having some time to myself but I have also had many fun 'crafternoons' with friends where we get together with our crafts, a few snacks and a good chat.

Dawn x

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