Spa Morning

Spa days are something I would like to do more of but they can be a bit pricey depending on what you go for so I tend to leave them as an occasional treat (it is probably a better way of doing it so I don't become accustomed to them). They are a brilliant way of taking some time out to give ourselves some TLC which I don't know about you, but I don't do enough of. 

There are a variety of different spa's you can go for, the last spa treatment I had was a Swedish back massage for £10, then there is something more in the middle ground like I did this weekend where we had a couple of treatments and access to spa facilities or you can go all out for a week/weekend away which is very enjoyable but a lot more money (I've only done it once as part of a hen party). Whatever level of spa you are looking for it's a good idea to check out websites that provide offers such as Groupon and Wowcher. 

Personally, when I do want to go for a spa treatment I go through the offers on Groupon, there are normally loads to choose from and you generally get better value for money. Groupon will give you the name of the place the voucher is for so I always think it is a good idea to look up reviews of places before purchasing to see what it is like. I would never expect a place to get 100% good reviews but as long as there aren't consistent complaints I'm happy. I also like to look at pictures of the place to get a feel for it.

On this occasion I went to the spa with one of my best friends but have been on my own before. We went to Birmingham Ocean Rooms Spa for the morning to have a couple of treatments and a swim in the pool. I had a Grapefruit, orange & lemon hot oil massage and hot frangipani and lime foot cocoon. I've had massages before but never a foot cocoon so I was intrigued to see what it was like.

Both treatments were amazing, the back massage was perfect pressure (which she checked with me) and felt like a good length of time. The foot cocoon was also well worth it, we had our feet exfoliated & moisturised before being put in what I can only describe as a heated bag, which is better than it sounds! The ambiance of the room was lovely too, decorated with lanterns and music that reminded me of when I used to do yoga so was very relaxing and therapeutic. I found the ambiance did add to the experience as the last place I went to, I enjoyed the treatment but the place was hectic so wasn't as relaxed as I was here. They also had a double room which we enjoyed. Me and my husband had free spa treatments included when we were on our honeymoon but we were put in separate rooms so felt a bit like it defeated to object of going together. 

The pool after was a bit packed so we didn't so an awful lot of swimming but we were happy enough to chill in the pool and chat after.

We did find we couldn't do much for the rest of the day as we were so tired, however this was probably a good thing as we were so relaxed it would have been a shame to ruin it by going home and doing the house work for instance. Fortunately we had set the day aside to relax so we just sat watching Only Fools and Horses and eating biscuits - healthy I know!

Spa tip - This won't matter so much if you are in and out for a treatment but if you are planning on using the spa facilities it is worth checking if it costs extra for towels, bath robes and slippers. If cost isn't an issue then you can choose the option to use the spa's but if you want to save some money then it is worth taking your own. We also found that the lockers weren't coin operated, we needed a padlock so it's worth taking a padlock with a code as well as some change.

The next spa treatment I would like to try is flotation therapy as I can't work out if it would be amazing or just like a big bath! If I do go for it I will be sure to write a post about it :)

Dawn x

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