Pumpkin Farm

An activity I love this time of year is choosing my pumpkin. I'm a bit of a big kid at Halloween so get super excited when I see all the decorations and pumpkins are out. Rather than going to the supermarket to get my pumpkin I love to go to a farm to pick one. They are generally better than supermarkets with much more choice available, from tiny little pumpkins to some so big I'd never be able to carry them. They also come in a large variety of colours which makes them so much more interesting and will make an autumnal display prettier if that's what you want to do with them.

The farm I like to go to is Wasperton Farm (link below), they have displays, ornaments and candles as well as a large variety of pumpkins. I've never looked into any other farms in the area as I've always been happy with this one but a google search should bring up others. 

It's in inexpensive way of getting out and having fun too, whether it's with kids or not. This year I went my young niece (who kept calling them apples and trying to eat them!) but I have been before by myself & with friends and found it just as enjoyable. We like to have a look through the decorations and going through the area that they have set up all spooky plus it's lovely to just have a mooch around the pumpkins to find one that you really like. 

Pumpkin tip - once you get your pumpkin home (or pumpkins of you are like me and can't resist getting several) put them in a bath of water. They soak up the water which helps keep them fresher for longer & helps get them clean too. Just remember to clean your bath afterwards!

If you've got any pumpkin tips of your own I'd love to hear them in the comments or if you have pictures, tag me in Instagram (@lifeofamidlander) as I love to look at peoples creations.

Happy carving!

Dawn x


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