Day of the Dead Festival

 This year for halloween weekend Twisted Barrel Brewery held a Day of the Dead festival along with some of the other venues at Fargo Village. I've had Twisted Barrel beer at another event so knew the beer would be good, especially as they had some new beers out, and the venue and entertainment looked like it would make for a fun night.

We went as a group of 7 and even though not all of us are particularly good at face painting (me included) we had a good go at dressing up for the event. We had fun getting our outfits and face painting but there was also face painting available at the brewery which I thought was a good idea for people who didn't want to go out and buy paints & sponges or didn't fancy doing it themselves but wanted to join in.

A couple of people in the group had been to Twisted Barrel before but it was my first time going so was interested to see what it was like and I wasn't disappointed. The best way I can think to describe it is a modern converted warehouse with wooden tables and benches and a large bar area with a wide range of beers. There were plenty of other drinks available too for the non beer drinker so nobody is left out if you want to go and join in with the events.

The event itself was so much fun, there were plenty of Day of the Dead decor & dressing up, a variety of food stands, new beers put on and what really made the evening was Mariachi Fiesta UK who played a mix of authentic Mexican songs and more well know songs that got everybody singing, clapping and dancing along. We were entertained the whole evening and the general atmosphere of the place was friendly and relaxed. My favourite beer of the night was the Soup Dragon, it wasn't a session beer but it didn't taste like any beer I've had before (in a good way!) and somehow the taste seemed to fit in with the style of the evening. Twisted Barrel is definitely one we will be visiting again and we would all enjoy attending Day of the Dead festivals in future.

Face painting tip - one I learnt this year is if you are doing face painting that involves block areas of black, use black lipstick. It is easier to apply, is a solid colour and stays well. If you need it looking matt you can seal it with black eyeshadow.

One final thing for this blog post, I can't write about a beer event without mentioning one of my favorite phone apps - Untapped. If you are a beer drinker it's great for logging what you have had because you can take pictures and rate the beers so it's great for looking back on what you've liked and seeing what recommendations are given. You can have a bit of fun with it too as you can follow friends and collect badges but the main reason I like the app is because it has made me more adventurous with what beer I try and I don't think I would have branched out to brewery's like Twisted Barrel without it.

Dawn x

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